How to Login to My Old Clash of Clans Account

If you’re worried about losing your old Clash of Clans account because you got a new device or because you haven’t linked your account to Game Center or Google+ in order to back it up, then worry no more. Here you will learn how to back up your Clash of Clans account so that you can log in on any device, whenever you want, at any time. And you will also learn how to get your Village back and play it on a new device even if you didn’t link your account to a GameCenter or Google Plus account. Please follow the steps below:

Log in on Android

  1. Link your village to a Google Plus account by opening your Google+ profile on your old device and logging in with your Google ID and password. After logging in to Google+ launch the game and navigate to “Settings”, once you’re there select “Sign in With Google”, then select the option to connect your Google Plus account to your village and tap “OK”. If you see a welcome message with your username on it at the top of your phone’s screen, then that means that you have successfully linked your village to your Google+ account.
  2. Now open Google+ on your new device and sign in with the same Google ID and username that you used in your old device, after signing in launch Clash of Clans in your new device, go to “Settings”, select sign in with “Google+”, and then just tap “OK” to load the old village linked to Google Plus on your new device.

Log in on iOS

  1. Link your old village to a Game Center account by logging in to GameCenter with your username and password on your old device. After logging in to Game Center open the game and your village will be automatically linked to your Game Center account.
  2. Now open Game Center on your new device and log in with the same username and password that you used in your old device, then launch the game in your new device and you will get a message in a pop up window that says “Game  Center Alert”, and then tap “OK” to load your old village on your new device.

How to Get Your Old Clash of Clans Village Back and Sign In Even if You Didn’t Link to Google+ or Game Center

  1. Launch the Clash of Clans app on your device.
  2. Navigate to “Settings” and tap on the “Help and Support” button.
  3. Tap on “Send” at the top right of your screen.
  4. Now write a message to support that includes detailed information about your account such as the name of your village, the name of your clan, the level of your village, your name, etc.
  5. Click “Send” and then wait until the Clash of Clans support teams writes you back with information on how to regain access to your old account and how to load your old village in your new device.